Warehouse Goals Made Simple: What You Need to Know about Voyager WCS

Voyager WCS

Voyager is a Warehouse Control System (WCS) that benefits leading manufacturers, retailers, direct-sale, and e-commerce companies. We provide thirty years of industry experience in upper-level software and databases. Voyager offers a custom HMI capability. It is designed as an integrated software solution that extends beyond traditional WCS functionality. It provides scalable and configurable four-wall functionality to help you manage your business. Real-time data can help you make better decisions.

We offer an in-house WCS and HMI solution. Programmed in Python, our solution does not require licensing and is not tied to one provider. If you prefer a 3rd party HMI platform, such as Ignition, Spring can integrate Voyager into many HMI offerings.

WCS Screens:

  • Order Tracking
  • Lane Order Assignment
  • Conveyor Graphics
  • Scanner Screens
  • Alarm Screens
  • Sorter Hit Points
  • System Log

The purpose of Order Tracking is to reduce wasted time hunting down misplaced orders in a conveyor system. Voyager has the ability to track your order’s last position and report where it was last scanned or diverted in the system. Through Voyager, you now have the ability to assign certain order types to specific destinations. This includes directing certain shipping carriers, order types, or other criteria to specific sort lanes.

Our WCS and HMI offerings provide you with insights into the lower-level PLC controls and upper-level WCS.

Three benefits of adding Voyager WCS into your current operations:

  1. Modular Design. Easily configure and modify as your business grows and evolves.
  2. Proactive Monitoring. Use real-time data to make better decisions. Our System Log shows highlighted events in your day-to-day operations. The alarm history screen can help you identify and track faults in the system. Voyager provides a built-in search bar to enable you to search on a specific device or description with a filter for specific dates or timeframes.
  3. Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership. Through Voyager WCS, you do not have to spend money changing to expensive software. This allows you to spend more of your resources building your business.

We tailor-fit the perfect solution to optimize your warehouse operations and maximize productivity.

Explore Voyager further through watching this demonstration explaining standard screens and uses:

Reach out to us at to discuss Voyager WCS and learn more about how we can improve your warehouse efficiency.

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