Spring Automation provides industry-leading software solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers. We tailor-fit the perfect solution to optimize your warehouse operations and maximize productivity. Our process evaluates information important to your business and matches the right software solution for you.

DCS Voyager © is a proven Warehouse Execution System (WES) that provides benefits to leading manufacturers, retailers, direct-sale, and e-commerce companies. It is an integrated software solution that extends beyond traditional WCS functionality and provides scalable and configurable four-wall functionality to help manage your business.

DCS Voyager consists of four integrated modules:

1. Inventory Control
2. Resource Scheduling
3. Order Management
4. Routing

Benefits of Voyager include:

• Modular design – Easily configure and modify as your business grows and evolves
• Proactive monitoring – Use real-time data to make better decisions
• Low total cost-of-ownership – Spend more of your resources building your business,
not changing expensive software